When choosing the right hoop, first of all your intention plays an important role: Hoop Fitness or Hoop Dance.

If you are only interested in fitness with the Hula Hoop, i.e. you want to circle the Hula Hoop around your belly and hips for longer sequences, then you will find your Fitness Hula Hoop here. You will find information on the correct tire diameter in the respective product descriptions.

In hula hoop dancing, you have far more options of what you can do with the hoop. Just as varied as the exercises and tricks in hoop dancing are the different types and sizes of hoops. This can be quite confusing, especially in the beginning. Feel free to read through the tips below.

Feel free to contact me if you need help with your selection. Together we will definitely find the perfect hula hoop for you.

In Hula Hoop Dance, the first distinction is between ON-BODY and OFF-BODY.

ON-BODY Hula Hoops are played around the body. The hoops are slightly lighter than the fitness hoops and can therefore also be played around other body parts, such as the legs or shoulders. ON-BODY Hula Hoops are also real all-rounders! You can also use these hoops for hoop fitness and even learn your first OFF-BODY tricks with these hoops.

Hula Hoops come in a variety of styles. They are smaller and lighter than ON-BODY Hula Hoops. As taped hoops combined with grip tape, they are especially suitable for hoop dance beginners. The tape makes the hoop slightly more difficult and therefore more controllable, the additional grip tape on the hoop gives grip and prevents the hula hoop from slipping out of your hand or off your body quickly.

The tires completely wrapped with decorative tape are often used in the performance area. The Griptape is attached here on the inside of the Hula Hoop. These hoops are also minimally complicated by the tape and are therefore equally suitable for beginners and advanced hoopers.

The hoops that are probably most used in the OFF-BODY area are the coloured Polypros . These hula hoops are “naked”, i.e. not taped and are only provided with an inner grip tape for better grip if desired. The naked Polypro Hoops are very light and fast and agile in the game. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for somewhat advanced hoopies.

In addition, there are a variety of specialty shops. Like Mini Hula Hoops, Reflective Hula Hoops or LED Hula Hoops.

Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

ON-BODY Hoops / Beginner Hoops / Fitness Hoops

For size (tire diameter), you can measure the length between the bottom and your belly button to have a good reference point.

If you are rather petite or have previous experience in e.g. belly hula hooping, then you can subtract 5 cm from the measurement.

Curvys or those who still struggle with hula hooping on the body can add 5 to 10 cm.

Often it is due to the wrong tire diameter, if it just does not work with the hula hooping.



This is where every Hoopie finds their favorite everyday game size over time. Besides, the size here depends more on the trick to be played.

Are you still unsure about the size? Then start with a tire diameter of 85 if you are taller than 1.70m and 80 if you are shorter than 1.70m. Scale down in increments of 5 until you find your perfect everyday game size

If you want to combine ON- and OFF-BODY tricks, a diameter of 90 cm is a good choice.

ON-BODY Dance Hoops

Generally, the larger the diameter, the easier the exercise. The tire spins slower and you have more time to move. Logical! That the tire should weigh particularly much, however, is a widespread misconception. Grade at the beginning of your hoop prices can be tires over 1 Kg. be very harmful to your body and cause bruises.

At the beginning, a hoop made of a PE-HD pipe with 20 mm pipe thickness is recommended for ON-BODY Hooping. The tires weigh depending on the size about 350-400 gr.

OFF-BODY Dance Hoops

In OFF-BODY hooping, smaller and lighter tires are advantageous. Choose a polypro or HDPE pipe. The materials are lighter than the PE-HD and therefore gentler on sensitive areas of the body such as the backs of the hands.

The OFF-BODY Hoops are available in 16 or 19 mm tube thickness. The tube thickness is more a matter of taste (what feels better, lies better in the hand). 16 mm is a touch lighter (approx. 200 gr. per tire) and plays faster. 19 mm is a bit heavier (approx. 230 gr. per tire), reacts slower and is more noticeable. 19 mm Dance Hoops are also suitable as combination hoops to connect ON and OFF body.

If you want to start with hoop dancing in general, I recommend a set of one ON-BODY and one OFF-BODY hoop. In the beginning it is impossible to do all the tricks with only one hoop.

If you’re not sure yet if hoop dancing is for you permanently and you’d rather invest in just one hoop for now, choose an ON-BODY hoop. With this you can also try your first OFF-BODY tricks. In the long run, however, the tire will become too heavy for OFF-BODY hooping.

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