Millis manufactory

Hi, I’m Milli, founder of Lucky Hoops. In my small manufactory in Münster, Germany, I lovingly make handmade Dance Hula Hoops for every skill level.

I myself love to dance with the hoop and get creative with the many, beautiful tapes.

As a hoop dance trainer, I also have a lot of fun passing on my passion to others. I regularly give workshops for newcomers in Münster and the surrounding area.

I would never have thought that the colorful plastic hoop would one day play such a big role in my life. But since the tire came into my life in early 2020, I simply can’t imagine life without it.

Hoops Hoops Hoops

Colorful, classy and simple, glittery, reflective, UV-active… the possibilities in hoop design are endless. There’s something for everyone. But I warn you: there is danger of addiction!

Hula Hoops are pack animals!

Handmade with love

I have always been fascinated by handicrafts. Whether it’s furniture DIY projects or upgrading my VW Bulli, I like to do things myself and love to get a look at the finished product. As a one-woman show, I’m also behind all the processes at Lucky Hoops, building each hoop by hand with love.

I also love colors and like to play with their combinations. This can be wonderfully lived out in the hula hoop design.

Hoop dance for body, mind and soul

Never before has something in life captivated me like this! Hooping relaxes, is healthy for body and mind, promotes concentration, trains motor skills, releases endorphins and strengthens self-confidence. And it’s just super fun!

Hooping is my meditation!

If you’re just getting started with hula hooping, I’d be happy to help you choose the right hoop for you. Especially in the beginning, the different sizes and materials are quite a science in themselves.

In my tire FAQ’s you will find useful tips that will make your tire search easier. You are also welcome to contact me and I will advise you personally.

On my site you will also find dates for workshops, hoopjams and other events in Münster, news from the local hoop scene and much more.

Have fun browsing and Happy Hooping!