Hula Hoop Griptape Remove & Renew

The grip tape on your hula hoop will wear out after a while due to frequent use. Mostly, it then no longer looks nice or ribbons up and pulls threads. Also, if the temperature is too warm, the adhesive back of your Hula Hoop’s Griptape may soften and the adhesive may come out at the edges of the Griptape. Neither is pretty, and they also get in the way of playing. Time for a new Griptape!

In 3 steps to the new interior griptape. Give your hula hoop a little spa vacation!

Step 1: Remove the old grip tape

It is best to have your hula hoop stored at room temperature beforehand so that the glue from the grip tape is not too cold and therefore too hard. Try to pull off the grip tape on one side of the connector. If this does not work because the tape sticks too tightly to the tire, very careful warming of the tape may help. Attention, the hair dryer must not be too hot. Polypro pipe is sensitive to heat. Therefore, hold the hair dryer at some distance from the tube and allow the warm air to be expelled only very briefly in the direction of the tube.

If the tape still won’t peel off, you can also soak the tape. Which means you can use for this, you will read in the next step 2.

Step no. 2: Remove adhesive residues

Chemical agents such as acetone or silicone are yesterday’s news! True to the motto “back to the roots”, here I introduce you to two eco-friendly methods that can naturally remove the grip tape and glue residue from your hula hoop. Incidentally, also works wonderfully with other adhesive residues such as those from stickers.

Try using coconut oil or virgin orange oil. You can get both at the supermarket or health food store. Simply apply to the desired areas, e.g. with a cloth, and leave for a few hours. Then wipe off the excess with a damp cloth and you’re done! So simple and by the way wonderfully fragrant orange or coconut. I also find it practical that both means can also be used elsewhere in the household or in the kitchen and do not have to be purchased just for this one purpose. Sustainable on all levels, that is!

Step #3: Glue in a new interior griptape

Now let’s move on to renewing the grip tape on your hula hoop. In the picture gallery you can see once again how it works.

Since I apply inner grip to hula hoops almost daily, I have tried quite a few methods. The one presented here has worked well for me. Here, the hula hoop is aligned vertically, pointing upwards. Sit comfortably, on a chair or the floor, and pinch the hoop with your upper left arm (if you’re right-handed like me) so that the hoop frames your left shoulder. Also fix the hoop with your left hand at the bottom edge. So the hula hoop has a good grip and you can stick cleanly. When taping, make sure the hula hoop always stays aligned straight and does not tilt away to the sides so the tape can be evenly applied to the inside of the hoop.

Start at the joint and gradually pull up a piece of the grip tape about 15-20 cm long. Then lay it down, making sure the web stays straight, and stroke it tight with your thumb.

Now repeat this until you have reached the beginning again. Your new indoor griptape is ready.

Now I wish you a lot of fun trying it out and of course: Happy Hooping!


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