Hoop Dance Workshop with HI-DIY

The hula hoop is currently making a big comeback. Also in Münster you can see more and more hoopies in the park and along the canal. But I didn’t expect the hoop dance workshops to be so well received right away!

During my training as a Hoopflow trainer, I got into conversation with the girls from HI-DIY Münster. Olga and Meike have founded a platform for workshop offers in Münsterland. A super great idea, in my opinion. Of course I was very happy about the request to give a hoop dance workshop!

On 02.07.2021 12 participants gathered in the Friedenspark Münster. The days before it was still raining cats and dogs and my biggest worry was that the event would “fall into the water”. Fortunately, the weather gods were merciful to us and it stayed dry. During the workshop, even the cloud cover broke and the sun greeted us for the first time in days!

I am totally thrilled with how much interest the participants showed. Especially because Hoop Dance is still rather unknown in this country compared to Hoop Fitness. None of the participants had ever held a dance hoop before. I was curious to see how well the group would do with the instructions.

In 1,5 hours we learned together 5 OFF-BODY tricks and put them together to a little choreography. I was really lucky with the troop, because everyone got along well.

The next workshop is already being planned, because everyone really had a lot of fun. Simply escape from everyday life – what better way than with exercise, fresh air and music!

I am looking forward to offering hoop dance workshops in my adopted hometown Münster more often in the near future. If you are also interested in a workshop, feel free to check out Hoop Together on my website every now and then. There you will also find other great events around the topic of Hula Hoop in Münster. You are also welcome to subscribe to my newsletter to never miss an event.


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