5 Tips for Hula Hoop at home

Summer is over and so the outdoor season is coming to an end. Not everyone has the necessary space at home to swing the hula hoop carefree. So what to do if you don’t want to give up your beloved hobby during the colder months of the year?

Here come 5 tips on what you can do with your hula hoop at home and in a small space.

Tip No. 1: ON-BODY Hooping

ON-ONDY Hooping is great for indoor training and also keeps you warm. Keeping the hula hoop on your body for longer sequences is a true full-body workout – and it doesn’t require much space to do it! Of course, the space should be as wide as the movement of your tire as it swings out to the sides while rotating around your body. After all, nothing should be damaged. The advantage of ON-BODY hooping in space is clearly that the hoop always falls towards the ground when you lose it. With OFF-BODY hooping, on the other hand, it can quickly happen that the hula hoop flies through the room. The risk of breaking something in the room cannot be explained away. Many a hoopie has taken a loss or two in the process.

ON-BODY Hooping is much more than belly hula hooping and includes a variety of tricks that you can spend a long time doing. Especially the shoulder, leg and chest hooping require some practice. Suitable tires for ON-BODY Hooping can be found here for beginners and here for advanced hoopers. Once the tricks sit there are great variations you can learn to do. For example, taking the arms with you in the shoulder hoop or bringing the hoop up from the leg hoop onto your stomach. Daily training sessions pay off! A few minutes a day are quite enough. The important thing is to stay on the ball or on the hoop. I’ll bet you that after just a few weeks of ON-BODY Hooping, you’ll be making visible progress and celebrating a sense of achievement or two. By the way, you’ve been moving every day without having to do much of a sports program. A classic win-win situation, right?

Tip No. 2: Tricks that require little space

Breaks and isolations in all their variations, for example, are tricks that require hardly any space and are generally also better playable with smaller tire diameters. Why not just roll up these trick fields from behind over the winter? You can find numerous tutorials on YouTube and Instagram that are wonderful to “work through” at home. An advanced tutorial for break variations I have picked out for you here.

A nice way to be able to work on your OFF-BODY flow in the living room in addition to all the trick learning is the one-trick flow. Try to get into your flow with just one trick or trick field (for example, iso variations). For sure you will discover some new combos and integrate them into your flow.

Tip No. 3: Small Hoops!

With so-called mini-hoops (approx. 45-55 cm in diameter) or generally smaller hoops (approx. 60-70 cm in diameter) you can flow wonderfully OFF-BODY even in small rooms. If you play a larger diameter in everyday life, some tricks such as the wedgi or the breaks will probably not work as smoothly as usual at first. Isolations of all kinds are great to implement with the small hoops and look particularly magical. You’ll probably experience a whole new flow with a little hoop that lets you get creative. A big plus when hooping with the small hoops is clearly that you take up less space to the sides and towards the ceiling. A great way to enjoy indoor hoop time too!

Tip No. 4: Winter time is UV hooping time!

For the UV lamp it needs electricity and therefore it is obvious that UV hooping takes place indoors. Wintertime is therefore a great time to stock up on new gadgets like UV lamps and UV hoops. The UV ambience also makes it possible to shoot particularly cool videos.

The key to UV hooping is the right lamp! Here, the more power (watts) the lamp has, the stronger the luminosity of your UV hoops. I recommend that you purchase a good lamp with sufficient power to achieve the desired effect. I bought this lamp some time ago. With 50W absolutely sufficient for the beginning. On occasion, I will purchase the same lamp again to bring even more black light effect into the living room.

In any case, such a small UV party at home is quickly prepared. All you have to do is darken the room, turn on the lamp and off you go! A super contrast program to lolling around on the sofa in the evening.

Tip #5: Work it on the Floor!

Use the floor as your stage! In floor hooping, you do not control the movements from a standing position, but sit, lie or kneel on the floor. This creates a completely new framework for movement. The best way to start is to try once which hoop tricks from your repertoire work from these positions. That can be quite exciting. Once you’ve figured this out for yourself, you can try to incorporate the entire floor space you have by moving across the floor without coming to a standing position.

Just like the Mini Hoop Flow, you’re likely to experience a whole new hooping experience here. As a little inspiration I have linked you here a tutorial.

I hope the post gave you enough input to stay on the tire through the winter. Happy Hooping wishes you Milli!


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