Hoopjam in Münster!

Thanks to the Corona relaxations in June, it was finally possible to meet again in the open air. What could be better than hooping together in the park. On 27.06.2021 the first Hoop Jam since Corona, organized by Hoopsala, took place in Münster.

What luck we had with the weather! Under bright blue skies and summer temperatures, a horde of hoopies gathered at Südpark Münster. Many met in persona for the first time that day and some even had a long journey. That was really something special!

Anna Gross from Hoopsala is a true pioneer when it comes to Hoop Dance in Münster. You could say she brought the hula-hoop to Münster. For several years now, and long before hoop dancing gained notoriety via social media at Corona Lockdown, she has been teaching classes for beginners and advanced under the stage name “Hoopsala.” You can also book Hoopsala for events and shows. Be sure to check her out: hoopsalamuenster (Instagram).

My personal highlight from the jam was the hoop dance choreography we came up with together as a group. As a reminder of this great day, photographer and video creator Simon Gross took pictures (including the great pictures from the blog post) and videos of the participants and the choreo.

I am especially grateful that we already have a real hoop dance scene in Münster thanks to Anna and her work. This is really not self-evident! Because together it is still the most fun.

All the more I am happy that we will organize the Hoopjam and maybe other events together in the future.

In this sense: watch out!


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